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Anime Boston is nigh!
Yeah, and I am so not ready. Not gonna lie: I'm not psyched about this con. I do like my cosplays and everything, but I feel unenthusiastic and stressed. I'm staying at the Sheraton with my friend, taking the train in Friday morning. I don't want a ton of bags with me, so I'm trying be very Tetris-minded with my space. But I have a few props that are a tad fragile and/or cumbersome. Like my Cadance wings. They can bend a bit, but I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna have to carry them separately. And my neurotoxin. Fragile and not easy to pack. Also, I don't want to scare passengers with it...
I also don't know what I'm going to do while cosplaying Cadance. I'm realizing I'm just not cut out to be a princess. I have NO idea how to pose. She's all "love and kindness and love," and I'm all, "why do I look so derpy when I try to smile sweetly???" I may end up posing all punky, as I seem to be able to manage that (my friend keeps saying, "But she's a princess, not a punk.").
Anyhow. We shall see how this weekend goes. On a personal/social level there's a lot of potential for drama. Hoping that won't happen. I will try to keep to myself Friday and Saturday, maybe hang with my two guy friends Saturday night and Sunday. Maybe I will end up getting hyper/tired as the day goes on and things will become amusing. I end up laughing at everything when that happens, and I usually have a good time.
Just put one foot in front of the other...
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United States
I love to cosplay and write. And I do have other interests, but those two are probably my favorite. I'm a beginner with regards to cosplaying, especially when it comes to sewing, but I'm working hard!!
I post videos from anime conventions I go to on my YouTube channel:…
And I post some of my writing on fictionpress:…
My cosplays (thus far):
-Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muyo
-Luna (cat form) from Sailor Moon
-Touko Amano from Bungaku Shoujo
-Belarus from Hetalia
-Hungary from Hetalia
-fem!Canada from Hetalia
-Seychelles from Hetalia
-Sunako Nakahara from The Wallflower
-fem!Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who
-Eponine from Les MisÚrables 2012 movie
-humanoid!GLaDOS from Portal
-Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Future cosplays/things I'd like to cosplay:
-Popuri from Harvest Moon: Back To Nature
-Tomo from Azumanga Daioh
-Ritsu from K-On
-Lunar from My Bride Is A Mermaid
-Princess Cadance from My Little Pony

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BitterSweetNerd Feb 18, 2014  Student Writer
thanks for the favorite!! I love your cosplays! Were you at Katsucon? Anyways thank you! :heart:
Aw, thank you! No, I wasn't. I mainly attend cons in Massachusetts, occasionally Rhode Island. I've been to Otakon twice, but that's it for outside of New England.
Thanks for the fave :D
thank you very much for all of the favourites and the watch :thanks:
Your writing is amazing. It makes me wish I could write poetry ^^ Really fed my emotional need today. So thank YOU
DrKnowles Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav!
Thanks a lot for faving! :-)
Yuki-chanSP Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the fav~
Chiweee Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the favorite! :D
artandmartini Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tagged you, friend. :3
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